Saving America one acre at a time

Doing what needs to be done

We are a company that puts safety of our firefighters and community first. We are and experienced wildfire and prescribed burning company that has personnel that has worked from sea to shining sea. This company has no borders and is willing to go and do whatever it takes to accomplish the mission.

Prescribed Burning

We are a prescribed burning and pile burning company. We are certified and insured for whatever your needs are. We handle Air Curtain operations, land clearing debris burning, pile burning and open acreage land management burning. We bring an experienced crew with knowledge, experience and top of the line equipment to handle whatever is thrown at them

Rehab Support

Our crews understand the importance of not leaving a "footprint" after a wildfire incident or after work on a job site is completed. We are dedicated to ensure that all areas are returned to their natural state after a wildfire or habitat is restored around a development. We understand the importance nature and its resources are.

About Us

Setting the Standard

We always put the safety of our firefighters first. We provide the highest quality of equipment and standards for our crews that set them up for success. Our organization does not believe in placing our equipment or personnel on a fireline that does not fully meet and exceed the NWCG standards

We are Proactive and Aggressive

The experience our personnel bring to the table allow them to be proactive and aggressive but always safety conscious putting that first. Our main objective is to make sure everyone goes home safe and that the mission is a success without exception

We Got This

We handle what you don't want to deal with. We handle the issues of burning and local regulations so you can focus on what you need to do. We offer a variety of equipment, qualifications and resources to meet whatever your needs are. We bring what others don't.... Pride Honor and Tradition. This is exactly what our company believes in and will never disappoint

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Always ready to work

We are a contract fire company. We can do what most can't or won't. Let us know what your needs are and we can usually exceed your expectations. Click the "Drop Us a Line" button and let us know


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Titusville, Florida, United States

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24/7- Protecting America and its resources has no set hours, we work when America needs us.

PS- We typically only answer emails or phone calls during daylight hours 

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